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Pop ups for bundle, GDPR & cookies, banner & personalization

Key features

Email Popup: Convert more of your existing website traffic with our email lead capture promotions and advanced targeting rules for every visitor.

Bundle products, Cart Upsell: Show offers with timers, coupon codes, specific products left in cart or upsell with most-viewed or most purchased products from your store.

Personalization for Onsite: Give intelligent product recommendations with several different Commerce AI algorithms for easy on-site personalization with Justuno Plus


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Giveaways, Sweepstakes, Contests, Competitions, Raffles

Key features

Sweepstakes: Grow your email list with sweepstakes & giveaways. Incentivize users with additional entries for completing social actions.

Contests: Run photo, video, hashtag, or referral contests. Display submissions via a beautiful gallery. Have people vote on submissions.

Purchases: Award sweepstakes entries for every dollar spent on your store, or provide users with raffle tickets for items they purchase on your store.

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email subscribe,survey,notification,spin wheel,product quiz

Key features

Email Subscribe pop up: Have your customers subscribe to your emails. Add Spin and Wins, Timers etc to increase the subscription rate! Offer coupons for subscribing

Notification pop up: Notify your customers about the offers usng the stylish notification pop ups.Select from a wide variety of templates

Survey pop up: Create surveys & get leads, feedback from your customers.Configure logical path to render the questions based on the responses.Offer coupons