Buy Me ‑ Buy Button

by MakeProSimp
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Boost sales & conversion with ADD TO CART & QUICK BUY Buttons!

Key features

Add to cart & Checkout Faster: Increase revenue, conversions & sales by displaying a Buy Me Button on top of every product pages and other pages.

Never miss Buy Me Cart Button: Always display Buy Me Cart Button on every page for your customers so they will never miss to checkout.

Quick Buy On Product Listing: Allow your customers to purchase from listing pages(Product Listing, Home page, Collection pages, Recommended widget etc...)


Buy Button channel

by Shopify
3.7 (336 reviews)


Sell your products on any website or blog.

Key features

Sell across the web: Let shoppers checkout right on the spot from any website or blog.

Turn visitors into customers: Promote your products to visitors who view your blog or site regularly.

Customize your Buy Button: Customize fonts, colors and layouts to match your website’s style and brand.

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Fast Checkout, Boost Sales with bypass Cart,Buy Now,ReCharge

Key features

Boost Sales & Easy to Install: Boost Sales with Animated and Attractive Buy It Now button. Easy to install, no hard code required.

Bypass Cart Page: Send Users Directly to Checkout Page. Fast way to checkout.

Fully Customized: Edit the look and feel of your Buy Now button to match your store's brand with animation effects. Works on mobile + web.

Skip Cart

by Simplify Apps
4.5 (142 reviews)
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Skip To Checkout,Upsell,Buy Now,Sticky Add to Cart,Buy Button

Key features

Increase Sales!: Prevent your customers from second guessing themselves & abandoning their cart by skipping the cart page and going straight to checkout!

Increase Sales Even More!!: Use Discounted Upsell to convert those few extra sales just before going straight to checkout!

100+ Features All in One!!!: Use our All In One app to create a unified & seamless experience for your customers & save money in your own pocket at the same time!


4.9 (1344 reviews)
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Sticky ATC, Quick Buy, Cart Slider with Upsell, Sticky Cart ..

Key features

Sticky ATC & Checkout Buttons: Makes it as easy as possible for your customers to buy with Sticky Add To Cart Bar & as easy to checkout with Sticky Checkout Bar

Impossible to Miss Sticky Cart: The cart is always visible for easier checkout! With Sticky Cart it is impossible for your customers to miss where to checkout

Quick Buy on Product Listings: Allows customers to buy directly from product listings whether they are on the homepage, collection page, widget etc...

4.7 (77 reviews)
Free plan available


Fast Checkout+ Add to cart/Buy now button + Animated Mini Cart

Key features

Sticky Cart to Boost Checkouts: Embed an add to cart button and mini cart on all pages. Visible even while scrolling, this help boost checkouts and reduce abandoned carts.

Auto Translated ATC/Buy Button: Add to cart & mini cart widgets are auto-translated into 21+ languages, loads fast and are fully customisable (separately on mobile/desktop)

Upsell with Offer Stories: Use Instagram like stories to showcase offers within the animated sticky cart widget. Improve your average cart value!